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Campus Overview

Brief Introduction to Zibo Vocational Institute

    In July 2oo2, Zibo Vocational Institute was founded by merging four schools: Zibo Business School, Zibo Chemical School, Zibo Technical School of Public Utilities, Zibo Industry and Trade Technical Secondary School. In a short period of seven years, the Institute has made a hard endeavor and achieved a leap-forward development under the guidance of the objective to become a national first-class vocational institute and the core of cultivating students¡¯ ability to compete for employment and their development potentials. In 2006, the Institute was ranked among the ¡°excellent colleges¡± in the nationwide evaluation of vocational and technical colleges made by Ministry of Education. And in 2007, the Institute was honorably selected as one of the 100 National Model Vocational College.

    In 2009, the Institute built a new campus of about 137 hectares with the characteristics of grouping, digitalization and the harmony of nature and humanity, 57 hectares of which are buildings. Among them, there is a Practice and Training Center of 3 hectares and a library with about 100 million books in it. The teaching equipment of the Institute is worth more than 120 million yuan.

    Currently, the Institute has nearly 30,000 enrolled students and employs 1,393 staff. More than 70% of the staff are ¡°dual-skilled¡±, 378 people hold senior academic titles and deputy senior academic titles and 370 people are postgraduates. Besides this, the Institute has employed the member of China Engineering Academy, Gao Congjie, as the honorary president, and 25 entrepreneurs, experts as visiting professors.

    At present, the Institute has one state-level famous teacher, one state-level teaching team, six state-level high-quality courses, three state-level practice and training bases, one National Educational Achievement prize. Because of the great efforts and achievements of the Institute, it received many prizes and honors, such as Pioneer Unit of National Vocational Education, National Advanced Spiritual Civilized Unit, Shandong Advanced Ideological Political Unit, Shandong Excellent Youth League Committee and Shandong Health Advanced Unit.

    When the Institute was first established, the guiding principle of it was set up, which emphasizes the necessity that the students cultivation should cater to the needs of the regional economy development, the personnel market and should establish a highly effective operating mechanism. Under such a guiding principle, a specialty system suiting regional economy development is constructed, which includes 19 faculties and 60 specialties. Thereby, a comprehensive institute model including industry, business, medical, art, social undertakings is formed. Among which, 6 specialties are national key construction specialties, such as applied chemical industry and so on. For them, the central government will invest 24 million yuan, and the local authority will provide them with the counterpart funds according to a proportion of 1to 3.

    Zibo Vocational Institute has been attaching great attention to students¡¯ employment. The Institute will give employment guidance to the new students just from the time they start school until the day they graduate from the institute in 3 years. Therefore, such a situation has been created in the Institute: all of the members involved will participate in the employment work, all  of the services are to be offered in the whole process of seeking employment, all the situation after employment should be tracked and analyzed, and all the employment mechanism should be optimized.

    The Institute has been focusing on the upgrading of the educational mechanism. It works on it not only in the campus but also off the campus. On the one hand, under the instructions of the Vocational Education Construction Guidance Committee, with the help of the local government, enterprises and companies, 320 off-campus practice bases are established and 268 technical backbones working at the first front of enterprises and companies have been employed as external teachers. Thus a professional training pattern of sandwich course placement is employed. On the other hand, in the campus, the newly-built productive practice bases of 3 hectares is built into a on-campus ¡°would-be industrial park¡± and ¡°innovation incubator¡± through attracting enterprises and companies into campus with favorable terms. Therefore, the students could obtain employment easily without getting out of the campus. This measure pioneers a new stage of school-enterprise cooperation.

    The Institute not only pays attention to the establishment of educational mechanism and environment but the competence of the students. Some students have won the first prize in Shandong Computer Technical Skills Competition for three years in a row, and some students have won the first prize in National College Student English Contest, Shandong Electronic Design Competition, and Shandong Model Plane Competition for many times.

    For years, the graduates of Zibo Vocational Institute are fully welcomed by the enterprises, over 96% of them found their ways directly into the enterprises. Many students even have been ¡°engaged¡± before they graduate from school.

    At present, the people of Zibo Vocational Institute are striving and pioneering, endeavoring to build it into a National Model Vocational College and make greater contributions to the development of regional economy.